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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Evidence of Foreign Occupation in the US

In an earlier article I talked about the police and military doing training exercises in a small New Mexico town. As well as foreign troops doing military training on our closed down bases. Now I have seen and heard of evidence to the fact of foreign troops being used here in the US and that is what I want to share with you today.

However, there is a company that has come into existence in 1998 that has become almost like a 5th branch of our military. We have of course our Army, Navy, Air-Force, and Marines. Now enter a company called Blackwater USA. Some of you have already heard of this company no doubt. Blackwater is a company of mercenaries used primarily by our government to carry out covert operations and in disaster situations to control crime among other things.

They are being used heavily in the Iraq fighting. It is believed that about 800 of them have died in the Iraq conflict. In fact most can recall that back, I believe in 2003, that there was an ambush in the city of Fallujah in Iraq where 2 of our men were killed and their bodies burned and hung from a bridge by the "so-called" insurgents. Well it has been learned that those men were of the Company Blackwater USA. But of course that wasn't mentioned on the mainstream media! They just said it was some of our troops that were killed.

Blackwater enjoys one major difference from the military and law enforcement, and that is total impunity. No matter what they do! Think about that. Some of the history of Blackwater USA is as follows. The founder of the company is Erik Prince the son of billionaire industrialist Edgar Prince of Michigan. Erik is a major contributor to many Catholic organizations which may suggest some Jesuit influence. Blackwater's name was inspired by the black waters of the "Great Dismal Swamp", a 111,000 acre peat bog stretching from southeastern Virginia to northeastern North Carolina, close to where their compound was constructed. Now much to the chagrin of the towns people, they are constructing what they call their west coast compound near San Diego, Ca.

All of this information and more about them can be found in a book authored by journalist Jeremy Scahill called Blackwater: The Rise of the Worlds Most Powerful Mercenary Army.

Now as for evidence of foreign occupation being used here in America there is a video interview that I want to show of the Author Jeremy Scahill and Bill Moyers. It was done around last October of 07. In it Jeremy Scahill talks about Blackwater, but he also mentions the ISI which is an Israeli organization. The video is little more than 5 minutes in length, but revealing.

Here is evidence to show that I might not be too far off when I stated in my article "Training for Martial Law in Sleepy Small Town America" that foreign troops will be used here instead of our own soldiers if/when the Jesuits/Illuminati enact their New World Order fully. Just like Blackwater mercenaries used in Iraq and other parts of the world right now.

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