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Friday, May 9, 2008

A Time to Regroup and Research

For the longest time now I have had this nagging unction inside of me that I didn't have the whole picture of what or really who all is involved in this move toward a World Socialist State commonly known as the New world Order. Ever since the Pope visited the US a little while ago, I began to wonder just how much or how deep the Roman Catholic church 's involvement is. And also since I read an article about President Bush becoming the first "Catholic President". Also I began seeing pictures of known Illuminati members kneeling in front of the Pope and kissing his ring hand.

So I decided it was time for me to regroup and go back in to research to upgrade my intelligence just a little. So for the last week and a half thats what I've done. This research continues to go on and probably will for quite some time.

Since starting this blog it seemed to me that there was always a connection between the Illuminati and the Catholic religion. I always believed that the Illuminati were the primary ones in control. Of course also knowing that Adam Weishaupt was a Jesuit or Jesuit trained, for some reason I lacked the ability to make the total connection as to where the Roman Catholic church other than the Jesuits were concerned.

So for the countless hours spent in the last week and a half what I found has changed my ideas as to who is ultimately at the helm in whats going on in this world. And my inward nagging is satisfied with the knowledge of what I was wondering for a long time. As usual in this blog we pull no punches and desire to expose the truth. I will also give you some of the links that I have been researching so that you can do your own research.

By no means will I set aside the influence of the Illuminati as being inferior but I will put them in a lower state as to who's really in control. What I have learned is the Roman Catholic church is at the helm of all that has and will be happening in the Global Government setup. The Illuminati are merely a tool of financially powerful men who take their directions from the Jesuits and the Pope.

All are involved and members of one or most likely more than one of the so called Fraternal Orders, and all their cronies are also. Some of these Orders are, SMOM (Sovereign Military Order of Malta), Order of the Quest, Knights Templar, Knights of the Round Table, Freemasons, etc.. And all of these Orders have the same goal in mind - a New World Order of Socialism!

All of the core families of the Illuminati are members of one or more of these Luciferian Orders. At the head of all is the Jesuits and the Roman Catholic Pope and religion. The word of God makes mention of the Whore of Babylon in chapter 17 of the book of Revelation, that sits on the seven mountains. In fact Rome does sit on seven mountains. But it states that the woman, the Whore that sits on the seven mountains, as being that "great city". That great city is not talking about the city of Rome but the Vatican City! Which reigns over all the kings (Governments) of the earth. Rev. 17:18

If and when the New world Order comes to full existence it will be the revived Roman Empire with which the Jesuits and Pope will rule. And of course the ruler will be the biblical Anti-Christ.

My research is continuing and I'll be writing more about the structure of the influence of this evil so called church. I know this doesn't sit well with most Catholics, but I also know the truth sometimes hurts but its best.

Here are some links to very exposing sites that should educate as to who's really in charge.

Remnant of God
Vatican Assassins

Till next time.......

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