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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Exposing - Powerful - Testimony

About 4 months before the Korean Airlines Boeing 747 flight #KAL007 that Congressman Larry McDonald was riding in was shot down by the Soviets supposedly because it "strayed into Soviet air-space", he gave powerful exposing testimony on Pat Buchanan and Tom Braden's talk show called Crossfire. In this video taped interview Congressman McDonald reveals that there has been a "conspiracy of the elitists" for the last 40 years. Of course we know that its been going on for a lot longer then that.

Personally I do not believe the Government's or the Media's report that the plane "strayed into Soviet air-space". I believe that the Illuminati plotted to deliberately shoot this plane down because they knew Congressman McDonald was on-board. Sacrificing all others on-board to get at the one! And I believe he was killed because of his testimony in this interview! The shooting down of that plane "STINKS" to high heaven of the Illuminati's fingers being all over it.

This powerful testimony took place around May of 1983. Congressman McDonald exposes a lot of facts and names obviously incriminating those people. This I believe cost him his life. In memory of Congressman Larry McDonald, I say "thank you Congressman McDonald for having the balls to expose the truth on National (Illuminati) television"!

You can watch the testimony below.

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