Quote from an Interview with staunch Jew and Zionist, Harold Wallace Rosenthal as recorded in a booklet called "The Hidden Tyranny" in 1978, by a concerned patriot, Walter White, Jr - Asked about men in high political office, Mr Rosenthal said "that no one in the last three decades has achieved any political power without Jewish approval. Americans have not had a presidential choice since 1932. Roosevelt was our man; every president since Roosevelt has been our man." Read the entire interview here
My thanks to Daryl Bradford :Smith and The French Connection

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Evidence of Foreign Occupation in the US

In an earlier article I talked about the police and military doing training exercises in a small New Mexico town. As well as foreign troops doing military training on our closed down bases. Now I have seen and heard of evidence to the fact of foreign troops being used here in the US and that is what I want to share with you today.

However, there is a company that has come into existence in 1998 that has become almost like a 5th branch of our military. We have of course our Army, Navy, Air-Force, and Marines. Now enter a company called Blackwater USA. Some of you have already heard of this company no doubt. Blackwater is a company of mercenaries used primarily by our government to carry out covert operations and in disaster situations to control crime among other things.

They are being used heavily in the Iraq fighting. It is believed that about 800 of them have died in the Iraq conflict. In fact most can recall that back, I believe in 2003, that there was an ambush in the city of Fallujah in Iraq where 2 of our men were killed and their bodies burned and hung from a bridge by the "so-called" insurgents. Well it has been learned that those men were of the Company Blackwater USA. But of course that wasn't mentioned on the mainstream media! They just said it was some of our troops that were killed.

Blackwater enjoys one major difference from the military and law enforcement, and that is total impunity. No matter what they do! Think about that. Some of the history of Blackwater USA is as follows. The founder of the company is Erik Prince the son of billionaire industrialist Edgar Prince of Michigan. Erik is a major contributor to many Catholic organizations which may suggest some Jesuit influence. Blackwater's name was inspired by the black waters of the "Great Dismal Swamp", a 111,000 acre peat bog stretching from southeastern Virginia to northeastern North Carolina, close to where their compound was constructed. Now much to the chagrin of the towns people, they are constructing what they call their west coast compound near San Diego, Ca.

All of this information and more about them can be found in a book authored by journalist Jeremy Scahill called Blackwater: The Rise of the Worlds Most Powerful Mercenary Army.

Now as for evidence of foreign occupation being used here in America there is a video interview that I want to show of the Author Jeremy Scahill and Bill Moyers. It was done around last October of 07. In it Jeremy Scahill talks about Blackwater, but he also mentions the ISI which is an Israeli organization. The video is little more than 5 minutes in length, but revealing.

Here is evidence to show that I might not be too far off when I stated in my article "Training for Martial Law in Sleepy Small Town America" that foreign troops will be used here instead of our own soldiers if/when the Jesuits/Illuminati enact their New World Order fully. Just like Blackwater mercenaries used in Iraq and other parts of the world right now.

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Shrewd Exposure applauds a Great Organization

There are cropping up everywhere many different types of organizations to get involved with that are working on quelling the efforts of the New World Order movement. And many different websites that are doing the same. Such as this one. We're all brothers in the effort. We're all connected in the same dialect, exposing the Truth! Bringing to light the hidden things of the Occult.

Today I want to highlight one that I believe is very prolific in their area. And powerful in their persistence. I will post some of their work here in exposing powerful individuals that are involved in carrying out the Jesuit/Illuminati protocols. I'm stepping off the beaten path a little bit from the norm, but this organization is worth mentioning.

The organization that I'm referring to is We Are Change. They're no stranger to most of us on the internet. They are bullish in their persistence to bring to light the hidden movements of those people directly involved. Especially where 911 truth is concerned. We Are Change are a great way for those of us that see the real picture to get involved.

They have sites to groups located throughout most of the United States and Canada and lots of other places in the world. Anyone can get involved with one thats close to their area. They welcome anyone who is interested to join them and help in many different capacities. If your interested here is the link to their main website. You can also get involved through the links on the right side of this page. Under "Resources from Related Sites". This site is a proud member of the Ohio branch. If you wish you can join there also.

I'm going to post one of their video confrontations that I believe shows some of their best work. This particular video has already been seen by thousands. And its a good example of their relentless pursuit of getting to the Truth. This video is a confrontation from the chapter of We Are Change located in Rhode Island. They confront at Yale University, Arnold Schwarzenegger.
The famous bodybuilder turn movie star turn politician is an admitted Nazi sympathizer. And has publicly made the statement that he "has great respect for Adolf Hitler". Arnold has been seen in many photographs with powerful people in the Illuminati such as the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc...

Watch the video and see if it doesn't inspire you with ideas of how you could get involved and help in bringing out the Truth. As I always say here, the more that know and get involved the harder it is on the Controllers! I and this website applaud and are proud to be members of this great organization called We Are Change. Join a chapter near you and put in your your 2 sense.

Enjoy this powerful video......

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Note: This site and/or the Author was not and has not been paid any money or compensation of any kind by We Are Change or any entity for this endorsement.

Friday, April 25, 2008

The Highway to Hell

A decade or so ago a Classic Rock band named AC/DC wrote a song called Highway to Hell. I think it became a Platinum seller for them. It was definitely not one of my favorites. Neither was the Band. That song made it sound like being on the highway to hell was a great thing and he couldn't wait. Well according to what I read its not going to be any kind of party, thats for sure.

However the highway that I'm going to talk about today is a real highway that is being built as part of the NAU and yes, it will be one of the major things that lead us toward the hell of the New World Order. Most people know what the letters NAU is for, but for the sake of those that don't it is the North American Union. The same thing as the European Union. Only where we're concerned it means erasing the borders from Canada, and Mexico. Creating one large country on this side of the world. Ultimately to put us into a Global Government.

Back in March of 2005 President Bush met with Paul Martin, Prime Minister of Canada, and Vicente Fox, President of Mexico. Thus began the formation of the NAU. Only it was touted as the SPP, which stands for the Security and Prosperity Partnership program. And of course it was stated that it was for our better "security" for all three of the countries. Its funny that their meeting was not shown much on the news. It was kept pretty much hush hush.

One of the major undertakings to begin from that meeting was the creation of the NAFTA superhighway. Running from Mexico through the US and into Canada. Another name for it is the Trans Texas Corridor. A company in Texas called NASCO is overseeing the whole project. The company's President is George D. Blackwood JR.. He is a Lawyer with his own Law firm in Kansas City, Missouri.

A highlight of this Highway is that NASCO is also responsible for the implementation of electronic devices within the highway to track freight and people along the way. Now I haven't read anywhere "yet", but my belief is that there will also be surveillance all along that highway too.

So what does this do for our Border Patrol that have the job of keeping out illegal aliens? Answer.....Nothing! It should be obvious now that the Government is behind the what they call "diversification" of America. I'm not a prejudiced person but, I've noticed in my town here in the last 10 years a significant increase in the amount of Mexican or Latino people. If you live here in the US I know you've noticed it in your town also.

The US Government continues to think that we're all a bunch of idiots that can't see whats going on. All the while their creating this somewhat secret NAU, their still pumping funds into the Border Patrol. And we see a lot of that on the news. I just shake my head in amazement at this evil government. Also NASCO says they are not funded by the government. Well WorldNetDaily has an article that shows to the contrary.

Once this Highway is finished I don't think it will be long before it will be announced that the US is no longer. It will then be a three country union called the North American Union. Which will put us right in line for the final formation of the hellish World Government. We need to wake up together and come up with our own plan for saying hell no we're not going to take this crap anymore! Whats wrong with our country the way its always been? Why do we need a joint communion of the countries? Truth is we don't! Its the real "idiots" in our government and the Illuminati/Jesuits that want this. Who the hell are they anyway? Nothing but a bunch of cowardly idiots with money and power. Thats all!

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Read more about this government funded and controlled project here.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wright Brothers Ingenuity used for Evil Purposes

I live in the town where probably the most brilliant minds of ingenuity are from. Minds like Charles Kettering, the inventor of the Electronic Ignition System. Every time you put your key into an ignition to start any type of vehicle you think of him. I'm speaking of the town of Dayton, Ohio USA. Our greatest claim to fame are, in my opinion, the greatest minds of ingenuity and the greatest contributors to the technology of the world, are none other than the Wright Brothers. Orville and Wilbur Wright. The inventors of Aviation. (as if I needed to say that)

I think the Wright Brothers would absolutely be blown aw
ay if they could see what their invention has inspired. On the other hand I think they would be thoroughly disgusted to know what their invention has been used for too. Spinning off of the Wright Brothers invention are many different types of aviation technologies. Specifically for this post I will concentrate on the spin off from their invention dealing with UAV's or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. And usually theres been only one purpose for UAV's and that is for surveillance.

Man has always had this fascination with being able to know or see what other people are doing at anytime without them knowing about it. Without technology we call it "peeping tom", stalking, or voyeurism. With high technology such as UAV's, cameras, RFID-dust, or any of the other myriads of technologies available today, having to do with surveillance, we point the finger where it should be and thats at the Globalists. Anyway you look at it, and anything you apply to it, its still the same thing.....a crime and a loss to our
right of privacy!

The Republic of Shrewd ExposureWith these UAV's over the years they have been getting smaller and smaller and more powerful in their flying range as well as their surveillance ability. When you think about it, what can be the purpose for all these different technologies? The Government says they use them for reconnaissance and surveillance of the enemy. Are there that many enemies? Ok, so for example when the "supposed" war in Iraq is over what do they do, just shove them in a warehouse somewhere and let them sit there and rot? I don't think so!

The RoboSwift Bird is a bio-inspired morphing-wing micro aerial vehicle which flies like a Swift. But unlike the real bird, RoboSwift will have a span of 50cm and weigh about 80 grams. With its 3 cameras, it will perform surveillance missions lasting up to 1 hour on vehicles and people on the ground. Its wings sweep back and forth making it more efficient than fixed wing aircraft.

The Republic of Shrewd ExposureThe Robotic Dragonfly another micro-surveillance tool. In an anti-war rally in Lafayette Square last year, a participant named Vanessa Alarcon said she heard some one say "oh my god, look at those" she said she looked up and said "what the hell is that?" "They looked kinda like Dragonflies or Helicopters. But I mean those are not insects." Another man in the crowd said he "has never seen anything like it before in his life." "They were large for Dragonflies. I thought is that mechanical or is it alive"? That is just one of the questions hanging over a handful of similar political events in Washington and New York.

The Plasma Micro Thruster is a Surveillance Flier with a State of the Art Jet-Propulsion System with no moving parts. This class of airplane can
The Republic of Shrewd Exposuremeasure anywhere from a foot to 6inches long. This new line of aircraft would be used mainly in surveillance of hostile areas.

As you can see surveillance capabilities are growing smaller and smarter. As we remember the Jesuit/Illuminati Government will be all about control. These types and for that matter all types of these technologies will be used in that capacity.

Truly incredible, the length that the Controllers will go, to make sure they know every little move we're making. These technologies will and are being usurped by the Globalists for only their evil purposes. How can anybody think that the New World Order will be anything good at all? Whoever could think that, is without question a FOOL!! At this I think the Wright Brothers would be appalled.

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Sucked in to the Lies of Terrorism

Its amazing that even our Law Enforcement agencies have gotten sucked in to believing these lies about terrorism. If we remember that in the Protocols, the Illuminati/Jesuits make reference to "them creating all the terror" or to quote from them "all terror comes from us!". Recently the office of Homeland Security enacted their "Operation Sudden Impact" program to supposedly catch terrorists here in America.

They did a sweep in the City of Memphis Tennessee to test it out. What did they find? Well all of the "terrorists" they caught were Americans with things like traffic misdemeanors, and a couple of outstanding warrants of people that failed to appear for traffic tickets and other minor like things. Memphis Sheriff Patrolman, Jason Kopacko, pulled over a driver who had displayed his
temporary tag upside down, and upon FI'ing the motorist found out the driver had no insurance and no license. Boy, thats a big terrorist catch huh!

Operation Sudden Impact united 53 state, local and federal law enforcement agencies in the effort. Shelby county Sheriff Mark Luttrell said "we have to be on constant alert at every level. At the rural, and the urban areas. Luttrell said that "agencies at every level need to communicate, because smaller crimes lead to bigger crimes".

What the hell has this got do with terror or terrorism? Truth.....absolutely not a damn thing! No what this is, is nothing more than practice if you will, on rounding up. Or getting ready for when Martial Law is imposed. And it also reeks of privacy invasion, surveillance, and unwarranted control. Here again you could also say thanks to the wonderful Patriot Act that our beloved President so graciously gave us......remember, to "protect us from "terrorists"! Please!

If we don't stand up now the time is fast approaching that we all will be labeled terrorists or enemy combatants. Even it sounds like if you just Jaywalked across the street. You are a terrorist. Sick isn't it!!

Clearly the terrorists are the Jesuit controlled Government of the United States. They are simply conditioning us for another major event that is getting ready to happen, that will give them right to call for Martial Law and fully enact their New World Order. Remember the quote that David Rockefeller made......."All we need is the right MAJOR CRISES and the nations will accept the New World Order".(emphasis mine)

We will not give up the fight for our sovereignty. We will hang on till the last breath. But of course the Illuminati are ready for this too. Thats why there are so many detention camps being built around the country right now. As far as I know there are about 800 of them as of now.
I think those detention camps should be for the real terrorists, the Jesuits, Illuminati, and all their cronies!!

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Hoodwinked by The British Government

In this post we will take a look at how the British government still rules this country, the good ole USA. I will also show some connections to the Jesuits as to how this came to be, and of course this will be the connection to the world government movement. I will only highlight certain aspects of this in this post, because the history is vast and deep and way more than I care to post here. However I believe this is so important that it is a "must study for every American" and perhaps anybody to aid in un-brainwashing or de-programming our minds from the way we were lied to in our history classes while we were growing up in the "government" school system. I will post links to some sites where you can really get the in depth "true" history of the British Government's control of the US.

Some of you who read this may know about this, but I believe most have never heard about the
"Law of the Seas". Its what is called "Maritime - Admiralty Law", the Law of the Seas. This is the Law that is British based and is incorporated in our law system and court system of justice. Take a look again at the pictures of the flags. Which one looks the most familiar? Most would say the one on the upper left. You'd say well thats of course the American flag wouldn't you? Well heres a new one for you, it is the "military flag" of the US. Now look at the one on the right. Where have you seen that one before? Usually you see it displayed in court rooms behind the judge. Only this one has the yellow fringe around the 3 sides of the flag. This denotes the "wartime" flag.

This flag was flown on ships during wartime at sea and whenever our ships would pull into port to do business with other countries. As we have been led to believe these are the US flags. Now look at the one in the upper right. Have you seen this one before? I'll bet not! This is the real American flag! It is called the "civil" flag of the United States. It is the flag of the "Republic".

If you remember during the "Pledge of Allegiance" we said these words....."I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the "Republic" for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with "Liberty" and "Justice" for all." (emphasis mine) The flag in the upper right is the true flag we were pledging allegiance to. Not the one we've seen all our lives or the one, I guess, you might call the "normal one" or the regular one. No its the one in the upper right.
Its interesting that you don't see it anymore if at ever in our lifetime.

Now for some history highlights about the Flag. The first US flag, which denoted civilian verses military purposes, was designed in 1799 by Oliver Wolcott Jr. the secretary of the treasury under John Adams. Wolcott's featured proposal: An ensign, consisting of 16 alternating red and white stripes representing the number of States that had joined the Union by 1799; and the Union, represented by the small rectangle in the upper left corner, with its Arms ( the Eagle) of the United States in dark blue on a white field. See the picture below

Notice also Wolcott decided to have vertical stripes rather than horizontal. This was done so non-military ships would be easily recognized and not fired upon as they tried to hail and board foreign vessels.

The British-East India Company flag had red and white horizontal stripes with the Union Jack in the upper left hand corner. The first official flag of the American Revolution was the "Grand Union" flag first flown by George Washington on January 2nd, 1776 at Cambridge Massachusetts. It was also the same exact flag as the British-East India Company. It flew for over a year after the signing of the Declaration of Independence! An anonymous individual of European descent known only as the "Professor" recommended the BEI Company flag to Ben Franklin and the flag committee.

Here is some of the world government connection, it has been reported that this mysterious individual was none other than Jesuit General Lorenzo Ricci, head of the Jesuit Order. General Ricci supposedly died in a Vatican Prison six months prior. Pope Clement XIV, the man who suppressed the Jesuit Order in 1773 and had General Ricci imprisoned, soon died early in 1774, apparently poisoned. Then General Ricci's best friend, Cardinal Braschi, controlled the Vatican resources as acting Pope during the beginning of the American Revolution.

It appears the Jesuits/Illuminati may have funded the American Revolution. It explains the seat of the new American Government being setup on a Roman Catholic possession and the institution of Roman Civil Law as the law of the US territories. i.e. - the District of Columbia.

This is where I'll leave it up to you now. If you read and research this further it will help you to break through bad programming we were taught in our Jesuit controlled, government run schools while growing up. I think what we were mostly taught was not a lie but just half the truth if that. Its time to get "ALL the TRUTH" and to think "Independently".

All the reference for this post comes from this SITE. Go there to get the fill-in about the Real Flag. After that, its time to get an understanding of the "Maritime-Admiralty" Law of this country (US) so you can see how we are Hoodwinked by The British Government. Go here.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Very Intelligent Doctor Exposes Government Technologies

This has been posted on several websites and blogs, and I believe it deserves a place here on this blog also. Most people know this man by now, his name is Dr. Deagle. He is a medical Doctor with military experience and many military connections. He has extensive knowledge of, very secret and unknown to most all of us, government technologies. And of course with these technologies the government plan to use them against us.

This very intelligent Doctor is very aware of the Illuminati and what their doing to enslave mankind into their sinister and evil world government. So far as I know of him, he is somebody we need to listen to in terms of the newer deeper hidden technologies that are hard to discover even on the internet to learn of. Its interesting to note that Dr. Deagle says the Illuminati/government created technologies that will be used against us, that they could also, or have the ability to put an end to all of it too.

Such as their laboratory created diseases, avian flu virus, aids virus, mad cow disease, and so on. They have the antidote to stop all of these diseases if they wanted to. But of course they won't because it doesn't serve their purpose to. And we know that their purpose is to kill 4 billion people between now and 2050. Well without telling you about everything he says I'll let you listen to him. This video interview is with another brother of ours who sees what is going on too, Freeman of The Freeman Perspective. I'd like to thank Freeman for making this video interview possible.

Listen now to the interview as this very intelligent Doctor exposes government technologies that are very sinister and evil.

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Their Towers of Communication Deception

Many times in years past and even now as I drive or travel around, I see these towers and I end up wondering if they aren't meant for something other than just cellphones. Then another question comes to mind as to why are there so many. And so many different types, shapes, height's, and formations. In my town there are only 3 major cell carriers, Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T. We of course have our offshoot brands like Cricket, Virgin, Boost, and a whole host of other pre-paid cell services. Probably not much different than your town.

Why so many types of these towers for just a few carriers? Its intriguing to me, so I've begun to do some research to see if I can find anything new other than what I've learned briefly over the last few years. In an earlier article I wrote called "Your Privacy of Mind Exposed" I stated that the Controllers want more than just to implant us with microchips and other forms of privacy invasion and control techniques. They want to control our very thoughts and emotions and actions.

What I want to bring to your attention is the possibility that these towers are being used not only for communications but also for some sort of mind control, or thought control. Theres a lot of things I don't know about these towers. But I do know that they throw off an extremely strong electro-magnetic field. Of course most of us have heard that cell phones may possibly cause brain tumors and other damage to brain cells. I don't exactly know for sure, but I suspect that there is something more to cell towers than what we know. One other thing we know is that with these towers is that you can be tracked by the GPS capability of your phone. And all cell phones have GPS now. Other than your road maps for driving directions your phone has GPS for 911 calls. And that cannot be turned off.

Now what we do know about the Illuminati is that they have been into experimenting with mind control techniques for a long time. What with the MK-ULTRA experiments and all to do with this research. Their mind control technologies have been in place for a long time. Its interesting that the frequency band chosen for cell phone use just happens to match the second order waves that Wilhelm Reich discovered in the late 1940's to effect thought transmission and allow the mind to be manipulated without the victim knowing it.

Reich worked on this project secretly for the CIA for over 5 years, from 1947-1952, until he realized who the CIA was planning to use the mind control on - the American people. He was outraged that he was deceived and used for such a devious motive and swore to never cooperate with the CIA, NSA, or FDA again. Reich was murdered in Federal prison in 1957, just a few weeks before he was to be released, having been in prison for 2 years on a phony, trumped up charge of contempt of court.

The mind control effects of these transmission frequencies can vary from bringing on sedation, nausea, or mental and emotional confusion. With the proliferation of cell phones being pushed on us, despite their health dangers, there is a hidden motive. And with the rapid proliferation of ELF transmission towers recently, that motive is abundantly clear. Mass mind control of the population, and the destruction of our health in the progress.

Personally, I don't know or can't say if I've ever been manipulated mentally by these towers, and I can't recall being nauseated or anything like that either. But if we settle with the idea that these towers are just for communications we are fooling ourselves I suspect. This is one of those things I will not put past the Illuminati trying to use on the public at large. I have also found where these towers are some way related to the HAARP project the Government is using too. The HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) project has been directly related to weather modification techniques. Do some research. Interesting.

More research needs to be done as to the exact other uses to these "cell towers". If you know anymore information about these towers other than what I've exposed here, please I'd like to know more, feel free to post your info in the comments section at the bottom of this post to share with us.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Particles Have Eyes

A while back in an article I mentioned about RFID which stands for Radio Frequency Identification. It is being manufactured as an implantable chip that is capable of handling all your personal information. The microchip is about the size of a grain of rice. But it has long been known that RFID chips are being implanted on clothes, boxes, and most items you purchase at stores whether it be household goods or food products. They say it is all for tracking "buying habits of consumers". The company that manufactures the microchip is Digital Angel in Florida. Their website is www.adsx.com. Humans are next up to be required to have these implanted sometime in the near future.

Now there is something even more sinister where privacy invasion is concerned. There is a company located in Virginia that is bringing a whole new twist to RFID technology. The company is called NOXDefense. They created what they call their New Intelligent Perimeter Defense System. It is a covert RFID technology used to track people and assets without their knowledge. And of course it is being fully used by the FBI. (Which we know who and what their all about and who controls them.)

The NOX company says they have perfected many methods of tagging people without their knowledge. But their most prized technology is called RFID-dust! Uh huh, you read that right.
Radio Frequency Identification - dust. Just when we thought the microchip was the most technologically advanced system for tracking now comes this. Lets read what they say about this new technology.........

"One of the more covert technologies that is employed is ID-Dust, serialized dust particles that can be interrogated like a RFID tag. The NOX team can coat a person or object with it to track movement. ID-Dust can show if an item was handled or it can even be sprinkled on the floor. People unknowingly pick up the ID-Dust on their shoes as they travel through a dusted area. The software combines the video surveillance and RFID information to create an association between the ID-Dust and a person. The ID-Dust allows the person's movement to be tracked around a facility without the person ever knowing he or she is being tracked. While a criminal can easily defeat the motion sensors, the ID-Dust provides covert security with instant alerts when someone enters an area, plus a complete history of exactly where a person traveled and when."

Orwellian isn't it! So welcome to the New World Order. And the FBI are using it for many other purposes. Probably many other arms of the Illuminati are using it too. So now, here comes a good question.....Whats happens when a person takes that ID-Dust home with them? Or worse yet what happens if they ingest it? Oh thats right, they come up to you just before you leave the store or wherever you pick these particles up at and say "excuse me, I need to vacuum you off for just a minute. Can't afford to let these dust particles go ehehehehe..." Yeah right!! The Idiot Illuminists make me sick! And their the ones providing the funding for the research of these types of technology.

As far as I know dust can be air-borne. And if so then these particles can be inhaled and what is the outcome of that? Has there or is there being any research conducted along with the creation of these particles about the health risks? I doubt it! Because they want to kill us all off anyhow. The world is dying folks because of the Illuminati. They think that they're going to create some Utopian world that only they'll have privilege to and the rest that are still here will be so oppressed under their control. Oh what a wonderful world! Gimme a damn break. They are sick idiots with money and power.

So are you sufficiently awake yet about what the Illuminati is doing or creating? If your not, then excuse me, you must be dead.

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Read more about these sinister dust particles here.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Its Your DNA, Its Your Property, and Privacy

With all the mention in the last decade about cloning and so on, this is worth a mention. I have read where the Illuminati's scientists have been experimenting with trying to clone a super human race. And with all the incredible technology that's available today such as nano-technology we can't put anything past them. I believe they want to create super human soldiers through cloning that will follow orders without conscience. To be used for any service they want. Just use your imagination.

The staple of this post is about an article I read that I thought was worth mention for sure. It is about DNA privacy. We know that the Illuminati will not stop at anything when it comes to control. When we think of the Verichip microchip and the different mind control ideas they are experimenting with, we cannot afford to overlook the possibility of DNA privacy where cloning is concerned. Particularly when it comes to you or your blood samples that are given, whether it be for charity donation or pre-surgery donation or whatever other means that you might give blood for. Even if its for a job!

This article that came to my attention about a bill that is supposedly in the Minnesota House and Senate right now. The article writer stated that "A prominent Health Organization has warned that there is on-going semi-covert movement by state and federal governments to claim ownership of every newborn baby's DNA for the purpose of genetic research without the consent of individual citizens." Because of the writer not stating who the Health Organization is, it leaves me with slight reason to doubt the validity of it. But on the other hand, knowing that the Illuminati will use any tactic in accomplishing their goals, I believe this is something worth bringing to our attention.

Most people don't know it or probably don't think about it but every blood donation or any other kind of donation from your body, which any donation from your body carries your DNA, is your PROPERTY! Do you know for example, that if you give blood for pre-surgery that you have a right to ask for that sample to be returned to you after the lab is finished with it? Furthermore you have a right to see what the hell was done with it too!! Yes to see the tests and results they performed on it also. But do people ever ask those things. Have you ever heard of anybody asking those things? No I haven't! The truth is it belongs to you......its yours right!

Now I know that, that all sounds pretty stupid. Who wants to ask for their sample back or to see their results? It sounds absurd for sure. But I'm telling you, that today, sad to say, we need to be vigilant in every way we can think of to hang on to our Sovereignty and Rights, and Freedoms. Lets not let our guard down. Because obviously the Idiot Illuminists will use any angle to accomplish their goals.

It has also been said in this article, that I personally believe has been going on for some time, that individuals DNA or blood samples are being sold to different Biotech Companies and to Police Databases. We must always keep in mind that with these Globalists its always about Control. In as many forms as they can have it too. So always stay vigilant where these idiots are concerned.

One other angle I will mention here concerning this is that if your children are to give blood or take any kind of vaccination shot or whatever bodily or health related at their school, by all means make sure you know about it and stay on top of the administrators as much as possible about anything related to these types of things. And try to be sure you see the "what and why" as to your child giving a DNA sample or donation. And if you smell a rat, stop them where your children are concerned. This post is to your diligent vigilance!

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Friday, April 4, 2008

Warning: This Will Piss You Off...

When you consider the rising gas prices, at the same time you can't help but wonder where all the money is going. Well the oil companies no doubt have profited, but who's profiting more? Back in 2006 Bush wanted to turn control of most of our major ports over to the UAE (United Arab Emirates). Thanks to the public outcry this was stopped. At least we think it was. I have read reports where it happened anyway. Not for sure on that one.

Take a look at the profits of the oil companies for the last few years. Its staggering to say the least.

Somebodies obviously getting rich somewhere. But this is probably what you'd expect. This isn't why I titled the post "This Will Piss You Off". Whats following is what should really piss you off. It is interesting to see these figures just to get an idea of where our money is going every time we buy gas for our cars. What I really wanted to focus on is who's really getting rich from the oil purchasing.

The United States currently gets most of its crude oil from foreign countries. In fact 70% of that crude is foreign purchased and imported. And the majority of the imported oil comes from Saudi Arabia. Where the Illuminati come into play I'll show toward the end of the post, but right now I want to show you some pictures of where our money is going and you will see who's getting the richest off of it. The pictures come from a city in Saudi Arabia. That city is Dubai. Here you will see the pictures of what our money is creating.

Dubai in 1990

Dubai in 2003 the same Street

The same Dubai street in 2007 (night shot)

Now I don't know about you, but to me it looks like our money is being banked over there in Dubai, Saudi Arabia. These pictures were extracted from another website called "Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis". An excellent site on the Global Economy and more. The Shrewd Exposure recommends it. You can go there and read his article and see more incredible Dubai pictures also.

When I looked at these pictures for the first time, I felt an empty feeling come over me. I took a look at the state of America verses whats going on over in what used to be called a "third world country". I felt as though the rolls were reversing. It looks like the Illuminati is shifting the wealth from us to them over there.

Lets see if we can see their hand in it. In an article at Buzz-Flash.com we see that DPW (Dubai Ports World) which is the exporting part of their government, uses a major carrier called CSX. We know that CSX is also a major carrier in trains here in the US. This same CSX was purchased by the Carlyle Group, which is a controlling arm of the Illuminati. The Carlyle Group fall into the categories with CFR, Trilateral Commission, Committee of 300, etc.. All outlets of control for the Globalists.

More information is needed as to the extent of their control here, but enough is known that it is obvious. This information really ticks me off. I don't know how it makes you feel but it should wake you up a little more. The next time you pull up and pump your gasoline remember where its all going and whats happening to America. We're getting poorer and their getting richer. America used to be the greatest country on earth and I still believe it is, but now I'm beginning to wonder.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Exposing - Powerful - Testimony

About 4 months before the Korean Airlines Boeing 747 flight #KAL007 that Congressman Larry McDonald was riding in was shot down by the Soviets supposedly because it "strayed into Soviet air-space", he gave powerful exposing testimony on Pat Buchanan and Tom Braden's talk show called Crossfire. In this video taped interview Congressman McDonald reveals that there has been a "conspiracy of the elitists" for the last 40 years. Of course we know that its been going on for a lot longer then that.

Personally I do not believe the Government's or the Media's report that the plane "strayed into Soviet air-space". I believe that the Illuminati plotted to deliberately shoot this plane down because they knew Congressman McDonald was on-board. Sacrificing all others on-board to get at the one! And I believe he was killed because of his testimony in this interview! The shooting down of that plane "STINKS" to high heaven of the Illuminati's fingers being all over it.

This powerful testimony took place around May of 1983. Congressman McDonald exposes a lot of facts and names obviously incriminating those people. This I believe cost him his life. In memory of Congressman Larry McDonald, I say "thank you Congressman McDonald for having the balls to expose the truth on National (Illuminati) television"!

You can watch the testimony below.

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Their Deep Threads of Influence

The influence of the Illuminati extends to most if not all institutions and corporations. We already know that the Illuminati and the Jesuits are basically one in their concerted efforts to bring about a world communist state. We know this by their founder Adam Weishaupt and his influence on both sides of that coin. And we know that when the Illuminati penned their plans for achieving world domination that education would be one of their primary areas of concentration. Refer to article "Their Protocol for World Domination" section "On Education" to see this protocol.

The Illuminati and the Jesuits control the education I believe primarily through their colleges and universities. Since the Jesuits are interwoven in the Roman Catholic religion, they do their dirty work under the cover of that religion. Much the same way that the Illuminati do theirs under the cover of the Freemasons. Of course we have their influence through the private Catholic Schools, elementary and high schools. And lets not think that their control is not also in the government run schools known as public schools in most cities and towns.

So a good question that may come to ones mind is how in the world can you avoid their influence of your children? Well, that's a good question, and what comes to mind is home schooling your kids, but even at that, they still have infiltrated the curriculum of a lot of what can be taught. The only other advice I can say would be to make sure your children get the truth and all the truth. Make sure they are taught about the Illuminati and the Jesuits and their dastardly history, and motives and so on. You could use this site in your curriculum. As well as many others on the net. Also I would say to teach them to be "independent thinkers". That way when they are old enough to go to college they'll have a good insight already. But be aware that our Illuminati controlled government, at all levels federal, state, and local, highly look down on and disapprove of home schooling our kids! You may have to fight them a little bit.

Now lets expose a little of the strength of the Illuminati/Jesuit influence in learning. I want to focus on the college level. Because at that level is where the individuals education will be what influences society and the world.

Its easy to see the strength of their influence when you take a look at what all they own and control. On a Jesuit owned website, they say that there are 90 Jesuit colleges in 27 countries. It states that in the United States there are 28 Jesuit colleges and universities. Although a search on Wikipedia reveals there are 30 in the US. They also say they have 430 Jesuit high schools in 55 countries. In the next couple of sentences taken from this particular website, note that you can see the talk of their influence. It states that: "In these schools the "Ignacian system" of values has attracted exceptionally competent faculty as well as highly qualified students. They form a Jesuit Network, not that they are administered in the same way, but that they pursue the "same goals" and their success is evident in their graduates, men and women of vast and varied talent. (emphasis mine)

Can the Society of Jesus do some good? Of course they can and they do! Just like the Freemasons do good things in their communities. First thing that comes to my mind when I think of masons doing good things is the "Shriner's". With their "Shriner's Hospital for Children". A good thing. But of course what most people fail to see is that the masons have a "fraternity within a fraternity". Where the Illuminati rule at. Even most masons fail to see this too! So it is with the Jesuits.

Beside the Jesuit's colleges, there is the Illuminati's little fraternities on some major college campuses which indoctrinate men into their way of thinking and beliefs. The one that comes to mind is at Yale university the "Skull and Bones" fraternity. Of which our present President and most of his administration or cabinet are members. You can see through history that the Controllers usually will put in positions of power, whether it be government or owners of big corporations and big media, the graduates from the Skull and bones frat. or usually most always from a Jesuit owned and controlled college. Do some research on what colleges most of our Presidents came from. Its an interesting thing to see.

Below is a list of Jesuit owned and controlled colleges and universities. As well as other details of each one.

University Common short form and abbreviation Location Enrollment Athletics nickname School Colors Founded
Boston College Boston College
Boston, Massachusetts 14,395 Eagles maroon, gold 1863
Canisius College Canisius Buffalo, New York 5,018 Golden Griffins blue, gold 1870
College of the Holy Cross Holy Cross Worcester, Massachusetts 2,817 Crusaders purple 1843
Creighton University Creighton Omaha, Nebraska 6,992 Bluejays white, blue 1878
University of Detroit Mercy Detroit Mercy
Detroit, Michigan 5,600 Titans Red, White, Blue 1877
Fairfield University Fairfield Fairfield, Connecticut 4,600 Stags cardinal red 1942
Fordham University Fordham New York, New York 16,009 Rams maroon, white 1841
Georgetown University Georgetown Washington, D.C. 14,148 Hoyas blue, grey 1789
Gonzaga University Gonzaga Spokane, Washington 6,503 Bulldogs (Unofficial: Zags) Blue, White 1887
Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley (associate member) J.S.T.B. Berkeley, California 194

John Carroll University John Carroll
Cleveland, Ohio 4,050 Blue Streaks blue, gold 1886
Le Moyne College Le Moyne Syracuse, New York 2,290 Dolphins Green, Gold 1946
Loyola College in Maryland Loyola-Maryland
Baltimore, Maryland 6,131 Greyhounds green, grey 1852
Loyola Marymount University Loyola Marymount
Los Angeles, California 8,972 Lions
Loyola University Loyola-Chicago Chicago, Illinois 15,545 Ramblers black, gold, maroon 1870
Loyola University New Orleans Loyola-New Orleans New Orleans, Louisiana 5,000 Wolfpack maroon, gold 1912
Marquette University Marquette Milwaukee, Wisconsin 11,305 Golden Eagles navy blue, gold 1881
Regis University Regis Denver, Colorado 16,000 Rangers blue, gold 1877
Rockhurst University Rockhurst [[Kansas City, Missouri 3,000 Hawks royal blue, white 1910
Saint Joseph's University Saint Joseph's
Saint Joe's
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 7,542 Hawks crimson, grey 1851
Saint Louis University S.L.U. Saint Louis, Missouri 11,823 Billikens blue, white 1818
Saint Peter's College
Jersey City, New Jersey 3,700 Peacocks blue, white 1872
University of San Francisco San Francisco
San Francisco, California 8,477 Dons green, gold 1855
Santa Clara University
Santa Clara, California 8,377 Broncos red, white 1851
University of Scranton Scranton Scranton, Pennsylvania 5,160 Royals purple, white 1888
Seattle University
Seattle, Washington 6,123 Redhawks red, black 1891
Spring Hill College Spring Hill
The Hill
Mobile, Alabama 1,500 Badgers purple, white 1830
Weston Jesuit School of Theology (associate member)
Cambridge, Massachusetts 191

Wheeling Jesuit University
Wheeling, West Virginia 1,200 Cardinals red, black, gold 1954
Xavier University Xavier
Cincinnati, Ohio 6,500 Musketeers blue, white 1831

This list is taken from Wikipedia and can be researched from here.

The deep threads of the Jesuit/Illuminati influence reaches wide and far and its vast in scope. It almost seems hopeless that we can stop them from bringing about their World Domination doesn't it? Well take heart, cause the more that know, the less power they have. So if you can see, and know about them, then join the fight, and help expose them to the light to those that don't.

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