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Friday, April 25, 2008

The Highway to Hell

A decade or so ago a Classic Rock band named AC/DC wrote a song called Highway to Hell. I think it became a Platinum seller for them. It was definitely not one of my favorites. Neither was the Band. That song made it sound like being on the highway to hell was a great thing and he couldn't wait. Well according to what I read its not going to be any kind of party, thats for sure.

However the highway that I'm going to talk about today is a real highway that is being built as part of the NAU and yes, it will be one of the major things that lead us toward the hell of the New World Order. Most people know what the letters NAU is for, but for the sake of those that don't it is the North American Union. The same thing as the European Union. Only where we're concerned it means erasing the borders from Canada, and Mexico. Creating one large country on this side of the world. Ultimately to put us into a Global Government.

Back in March of 2005 President Bush met with Paul Martin, Prime Minister of Canada, and Vicente Fox, President of Mexico. Thus began the formation of the NAU. Only it was touted as the SPP, which stands for the Security and Prosperity Partnership program. And of course it was stated that it was for our better "security" for all three of the countries. Its funny that their meeting was not shown much on the news. It was kept pretty much hush hush.

One of the major undertakings to begin from that meeting was the creation of the NAFTA superhighway. Running from Mexico through the US and into Canada. Another name for it is the Trans Texas Corridor. A company in Texas called NASCO is overseeing the whole project. The company's President is George D. Blackwood JR.. He is a Lawyer with his own Law firm in Kansas City, Missouri.

A highlight of this Highway is that NASCO is also responsible for the implementation of electronic devices within the highway to track freight and people along the way. Now I haven't read anywhere "yet", but my belief is that there will also be surveillance all along that highway too.

So what does this do for our Border Patrol that have the job of keeping out illegal aliens? Answer.....Nothing! It should be obvious now that the Government is behind the what they call "diversification" of America. I'm not a prejudiced person but, I've noticed in my town here in the last 10 years a significant increase in the amount of Mexican or Latino people. If you live here in the US I know you've noticed it in your town also.

The US Government continues to think that we're all a bunch of idiots that can't see whats going on. All the while their creating this somewhat secret NAU, their still pumping funds into the Border Patrol. And we see a lot of that on the news. I just shake my head in amazement at this evil government. Also NASCO says they are not funded by the government. Well WorldNetDaily has an article that shows to the contrary.

Once this Highway is finished I don't think it will be long before it will be announced that the US is no longer. It will then be a three country union called the North American Union. Which will put us right in line for the final formation of the hellish World Government. We need to wake up together and come up with our own plan for saying hell no we're not going to take this crap anymore! Whats wrong with our country the way its always been? Why do we need a joint communion of the countries? Truth is we don't! Its the real "idiots" in our government and the Illuminati/Jesuits that want this. Who the hell are they anyway? Nothing but a bunch of cowardly idiots with money and power. Thats all!

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Read more about this government funded and controlled project here.

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