Quote from an Interview with staunch Jew and Zionist, Harold Wallace Rosenthal as recorded in a booklet called "The Hidden Tyranny" in 1978, by a concerned patriot, Walter White, Jr - Asked about men in high political office, Mr Rosenthal said "that no one in the last three decades has achieved any political power without Jewish approval. Americans have not had a presidential choice since 1932. Roosevelt was our man; every president since Roosevelt has been our man." Read the entire interview here
My thanks to Daryl Bradford :Smith and The French Connection

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Part 3: Shrewdly Exposing the Illuminati

In this post we'll take a look at the earliest known origins of the Illuminati. As well as some deeper history of there origins from the biblical times.

The first known Illuminati order (Alumbrado) was founded in 1492 by Spanish Jews, called "Marranos", who were also known as "Crypto-Jews". With the violent persecution in Spain and Portugal beginning in 1931, hundreds of thousands of Jews had been forced to convert to the faith of the Roman Catholic church. Publicly they were now Roman Catholics, but secretly they practiced Judaism, including following the Talmud and the Cabala, and this huge group of Jews has survived to this day. The Marranos were able to teach their children secretly about Judaism, but in particular the Talmud and Cabala. After 1540 many Marranos opted to flee to England, Holland, France, the Ottoman empire (Turkey), Brazil and other places in South and Central America.

The Marranos kept strong family ties and they became very wealthy and influential in the nations where they lived. But as is the custom with all Jewish people, it did not matter in what nation they lived, their loyalty was to themselves and Judaism.

A little bit about Judaism, and you will see that it also follows some of the same lines of teaching that the Cabala teaches. To those who do not know what Judaism teaches, here are some facts about it...It was the leaders of Judaism (one of the religious teachings) that demanded the crucifixion of Jesus, rejecting Jesus of Nazareth as the Son of God. (Matthew 26:3-5) All Jewish leaders today in the religion of Judaism are strongly rejecting Jesus of Nazareth as the Son of God. They are rejecting that Jesus Christ in the flesh was God. According to the Bible, that places Judaism in the camp of the Anti-Christ. Again you can research these things on your own.

It was King Solomon who in his apostasy developed the "hidden religion" within Judaism about 1000 years B.C. It was Solomon who took the number "666" as his identification number. (1 Kings 10:14), and who built the throne that was designed as "666". (1 Kings 10:18-20) It was Solomon who took the ancient occult teachings and began to develop them into what today is known as the "Cabala". (Kabbalah) Today, the Jewish writings known as the "Cabala" consists of some 550 books. It is important not to confuse the Cabala with the Talmud. The Talmud is another set of Jewish writings, consisting of some 650 books, which is a compilation of rabbinical interpretations of the Torah. Jesus strongly rejected the Talmud. (Matthew 23)

As you can see the history of the Illuminati reaches way back even before or stems from before Jesus time. And already you've seen, even though you may not know, that alot of teachings of Freemasonry are built around King Solomon from Biblical times. We will touch on the Masons in a later post. In this mentioning though I'll state that the Illuminati work in and behind and through the Masonic Order.

In the next part I will introduce a bit about the Roman Catholic church that may offend some folks. But remember that I stated in part 1 that that was not my intentions. I didn't make this history they did. I'm just bringing it to light...or to the surface if you will.

Stay with me as it gets more interesting.....till next time.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Part 2: Shrewdly Exposing the Illuminati

In this post we begin with some of the origins of the Illuminati. It has been known by some researchers that the Illuminati began with Adam Weishaupt back in 1776. But deeper study has found that the Group originated in 1492. However at this point I'll make reference to Weishaupt.
With a short understanding of the Cabala as they believe and follow its teachings.

Jewish Caballistic rulers were able to establish control over all world banking as early as 1764. Again these Caballistic rulers stem down through generations from the tribe of Dan. The Cabala teaches that when Moses went up into the mountain to meet with God that he met the "evil part of God" and down at the base of the mountain the 70 Elders met the "good part of God". This is how those Jewish leaders say they received the beginning of the Cabala. It also teaches that the Holy Serpent is held captive in the bottomless pit. And there are 2 ways to bring him out and up to earth. 1) to make all people on earth good, and 2) make all people on earth evil.

The Caballistic leadership under Solomon who turned rebellious against God, thought it easier to make all people evil rather than good. This is a very short synopsis of the Cabala's teaching you are encouraged on your own to learn more about it.

As stated earlier about control over all world banking it was established through the Rothschild family. And political control captured through the work of Adam Weishaupt. This is how it was done...Meyer Amschel ( a rabbinically trained German Jew who later took the name Rothschild) was firmly established in the German city, Frankfurt am Main, with an emerging banking house as early as 1764. The leader of the cabala at that time, was a man named Jakob Frank ( a Polish born Jew with the family name Leibowicz) lived in the German city of Offenbach, just south of the city of Frankfurt from 1773. Johann Adam Weishaupt ( from a Jewish family that had converted to Roman Catholicism) was at Ingolstadt in 1770, a German city in Bavaria. With these 3 men the stage was set that would forever bring changes to the World.

At this point in time it is not known who supervised these 3 Jewish men, but it is obvious someone directed their efforts. On may 1st, 1776 just 2 months before the Declaration of Independence in America, the order of the Illuminati was founded by Weishaupt. The Illuminati order was not invented by Weishaupt, but rather renewed and reformed. At this time Weishaupt was 28 years old, Amschel (Rothschild) was 32 years old, and Frank was 50 years old.
Meyer Amschel of the Rothschilds financed Adam Weishaupt and Jakob Frank laid the Cabalistic theological foundation for the Order of the Illuminati.

In part 3 we will go into the deeper history of this sinister group from its origins around 1492.
Stay tuned it gets more interesting....till next time.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Part 1: Shrewdly Exposing the Illuminati

I will now begin to open up just who the Illuminati is and some of their history. This will be in a series of posts so stay tuned. It is a vast subject covering Centuries, not just in mine or likely in your lifetime. The most amazing thing about this Group is their ability to keep their control over this time up to today. It is learned that they keep their wealth among themselves. By inter-marrying into each of the families. It is also documented and believed that there are 13 elite families that make up the center of power.

Now there will be in this expose' reference to the Holy Bible. As these families are all of Jewish decent. What the reader must not do is confuse these Jews with other Jews who are not involved. And you will see that the Jews who make up the Illuminati are from the tribe of Dan. This tribe of the Twelve tribes of Israel was the tribe that was considered by God to be the most rebellious and evil. If you've done any study of the Holy Bible you will see that the tribe of Dan began to worship many false gods. Including Baal, Pan, Chiun, Osiris, etc. Of course all the tribes of Israel still exist to this day throughout the world. As well as the tribe of Dan.

Of these people who make up the Illuminati and all of their cronies and lackeys and others who have decided to believe in their ways are all believers in the Ancient Mystery teachings from their belief in these false gods. And it still exists to this day. Or they still follow these teachings and beliefs to this day. We also cannot leave out the fact of Satan being involved. Because again if you've studied the Bible you know that Satan was cast out of heaven to the earth and rules the dark side or evil side of everything. Its interesting to note here that the Illuminati control the Governments of the world behind the scenes or "hidden in the dark" if you will. Only you will find out that these people who make up the Illuminati do not call him Satan they receive him as Lucifer "the light giver".

The reader needs to understand that the Illuminati and all who follow that way believe that Lucifer is the "good" god and that God is the "evil" god. This comes from the very early history of the tribe of Dan's rebellion against God. In the Holy Bible there is a verse of scripture that states "woe unto them who call evil, good, and good, evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!" This is found in the book of Isaiah chapter 5 verse 20. This certainly without a doubt is what we see today.

With this little bit of groundwork laid I will begin to expose this group for who they really are and the history behind them. I want to mention here that I do not wish to offend anyone with these posts. There may be some groups or religions mentioned in these posts that may offend some folks. Please understand that this is not my intention! My intention is to shed light on this dark sinister group of power hungry people who desire to control the world for their own evil intentions at the expense of all of us.

Stay tuned till next time......

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Exchanging Food For Fuel Is It Good

Today there is a lot of hype about the new flex-fuel mixture cars. Lots of advertisement by the major auto-makers. After all it seems good if you can switch from gasoline to fuel your car to ethanol based fuel that your at least saving the atmosphere from those harmful greenhouse gases.

Well it all looks good but is it really. In this post we'll take a short look at the reality.

According to researchers America 20mbpd of gasoline. Thats 20 million barrels per day. We won't go into the consumption of any of the other countries. Right now crude oil prices per barrel seem to be hovering around $80 - $90 per barrel. President Bush's plan to push for a switch to ethanol based fuel is called the 20 in 10 program. Thats cutting gas use by 20% by 2010. His reason is to reduce dependence on foreign oil.

That means taking most of the land that is farmed for food corn to using it for ethanol based corn. Now ethanol can be made from soybeans and many other grains but corn being the primary source. Thus using ethanol based fuels will lead to higher food prices. Which we're already seeing. So think about that the next time you pour that bowl of corn flakes for your breakfast.

The question is "is it a good thing"? I don't think so when you think now we're competing with our own automobiles against the food we need to survive. Which do we choose.

The controllers want to be able to not only control fuel but also get control over our food sources. You can find out more on this subject in this article at this address http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=6407. It looks like there are more negatives to this scenario than positives. Its just one more area where we get taken advantage of in the cause for their World Government.

The idea of food prices going up because of the need to fuel our cars doesn't sound like anything good. Till next time......

Monday, February 18, 2008

Your Privacy Of Mind Exposed

The issue of surveillance is becoming more and more stronger. It seems that every town and city has new cameras posted at many if not all intersections. I know here in my town there are about 12 intersections that have those red light cameras posted. You know, the ones that supposedly catch you running a red light and capture your picture. In my town they take 3 pics of your car. 1 of your car at the intersection with the light red. 1 as your car is in the middle of the intersection with the light red. And 1 up close of your cars license plate on the back of your car. Then they mail you the ticket and expect you to pay for it.

Then theres surveillance cameras all over department stores inside and out. I think of a Wal-Mart store here in town and they literally have them all over the inside. Must be hundreds of them hanging from the ceiling. Yes surveillance is reigning everywhere. But the Controllers haven't yet got it to the level they want.

Also if you own a cell phone your being tracked. Every cell phone has GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) technology from as far back as 7 years. Yeah I know you can set it to 911 calls only or on continually. But the truth is that it doesn't matter because the cell phone emits electrical energy. Thats how your phone gets its signal strength. It stays in contact with the cell towers around. They know that wherever your cell phone is you will be there too, most likely.

Now lets take a look at the level of surveillance that the Global Controllers really want that is the most sinister of all in my opinion. Before we talk about this further, consider this statement from a Dr. at Yale University.......

"We need a program of psychosurgery for political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated.

The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. This lacks historical perspective. Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electronically control the brain. Someday armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain."

Dr José Delgado.
Director of Neuropsychiatry, Yale University Medical School Congressional Record, No. 26, Vol. 118 February 24, 1974.

This idiot is more like Dr. Frankenstein than a Dr. of Neuropshychiatry. You see they want total control. Not just surveillance. This is the most sinister of all types of control coming to us in this New World Order. The NWO is not in any extent of the imagination going to be a good thing.

The Guardian Newspaper, the Defender of Truth in the UK published an article on February 9, 2007 entitled "
The Brain Scan that can read people’s intentions".

In the article it is said "Using a scanner, we could look around the brain for this information and read out something that from the outside there's no way you could possibly tell whats in there. Its like shining a torch around, looking for writing on the wall", the scientists were reported as saying.

You see its coming to a time when even your own thoughts won't be private. Dr. Delgado made his statement in 1974. Do you think that this technology has evolved even more today? Oh yeah. Usually the saying goes " if you've seen it for the first time in the movies its already been going on in real life".

Yes the surveillance technology of today is the surveillance of the human mind and, through access to the brain and nervous system, the control of behavior and bodily functions. You are highly encouraged to learn more on your own. Remember the only thing that the Illuminati fears is the voice of the people. The more that know whats going on the more powerful we can be against them. Till next time.......

Saturday, February 16, 2008

There Is One, Possibly

This is in relation to the last post about the election this year for President.

As I said you can tell who the Controllers want in office by who is getting the most exposure on TV and Radio. It seems that right now it is Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama mostly with a couple of the others that were running. Its interesting to note that some of the others that were running now have thrown their support to Hillary and Obama. And they of course have dropped out of the race.

Once again let me state that it does not matter whether they are Democrat or Republican. The Controllers do not care. They just want the one that will serve them the best. For example President Bush, being that he was indoctrinated into the ways of the Illuminati when he became a member of the Skull and Bones order at Yale University. A highly secret organization. But more on that will be later on another post. The point that I'm making here is that he was a perfect choice of the Controllers for president being that he is in total agreement with their system of thinking. And if you remember the stink about the last 2 elections that Bush won it was said that the elections were rigged. And of course this can all be researched.

Now for the title of this post. There is one candidate possibly that would be the one that we would want to see in office. That is if your against this movement toward the New World Order like I am. And if you don't know much about him its probably because you haven't seen him too much in the news...which is par for the course. Although he is running for president with just as much funding and gusto as the others. He is Congressman Ron Paul. He stands against any movement against our privacy or changes to our Constitution. He is against any movement toward a World Government. He is for the total Sovereignty of the United States.

Now you know why you don't see him very much in the news. The Controllers do not endorse him obviously. Although I have seen quite a few billboards and posters promoting him in my town here in Dayton.

Its amazing the control and power they have to keep people down and out if they want and promote who they want the most. There is a book called "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion". In this book which is believed to be written by Lionel Rothschild of the, I call them the "Infamous" wealthy family of england. Who with their wealth power have been the hardest pushers of World Government for the last 3 Centuries. In this book they talk about the power that they wield to put in places of power people that they want to. You should get a copy and read it you'll be blown away. Also research the history of the Rothschilds family. Very interesting. And of course they are members of the elite few that call themselves the Illuminati.

I will also do a brief history of the Illuminati and the Rothschilds in future posts. So stay tuned, their is many more years worth of exposing this "Hidden Hand" to come. Till next time....

Friday, February 15, 2008

Hillary, Obama, Who Will You Choose

Well here we are in the election year again. And if something doesn't happen between now and this time next year like another 911 senario and Bush doesn't enact Martial Law by declaring a National Emergency and the NWO beginning then, we'll have a new President. Do you think or hope that this new president will make a great change in America? I don't think so.

I'm almost 50 years old now and I've been through a lot of Presidents and not one of them has made much of a difference to me in America. If you're close to my age or heck even a few years younger all you have to do is look back in your memory and I think you'll come up with the same idea. Don't think so, ok lets just take 2 examples.

  • Instead of our country being billions in debt just 10 - 15 years ago now we're Trillions
  • The unemployment rate in this country has tripled over the last 10 - 15 years

Now thats just 2. This list could go on for many more things in these United States. No President that we "THINK" we've elected is going to make any difference and heres the reason why. The President that we "THINK" we're electing is not elected by the people! Oh, we're led to believe that our vote makes a difference but the truth is it doesn't.

Consider this statement ......

On November 21, 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt wrote a letter to Col. Edward Mandell House, President Woodrow Wilson's close advisor: "The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the larger centers has owned the Government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson..."

And this statement ....

On February 17, 1950, CFR member James Warburg (banker, and architect of the Federal Reserve System) stated before a Senate Foreign Relations Committee, "We shall have one world government whether or not you like it, by conquest or consent."

Now this statement that a "financial element" has owned our government is speaking of only one or group of people and that is "The Illuminati". Of which the Warburgs are a part of. This group of people all be it small, control all of Corporate and Government America. And of course its to their advantage to control all the major media stations. Because they can hype up whoever they want to us through the TV and radio to make us vote for who they really want in office or at the very least make us "THINK" we did the putting in office who we wanted by our votes.

No, they can put in office whoever they want to be their "lackey"! Or their puppet if you will. And its easy to tell right now who their favorite choices are. Just watch your news, right now it seems to be Hillary and Obama. Their both good Illuminati boys and girls. My guess is it will be Hillary Clinton. Also democrat and republican makes no difference to them. They just want someone who will do the best to serve their purposes of moving us toward that ultimate goal of "One World Government". So who will you choose?

Think this is all bunk? Then I encourage you to start your own research about this group of people. You can start with the videos on the left<-------
Till next time....

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

America Starting To Resemble Nazi Germany

In April of 1979 under President Jimmy Carter's Executive order 12127 the office of FEMA was created. Known as the Federal Emergency Management Association. Most americans know what what FEMA does. Up until recently it comprised many different offices having to do with natural disasters and any type of national emergency.

In 1993 Bill Clinton turned the directorship of the agency into a cabinet position. In 2003 FEMA became part of the Homeland Security's Emergency Preparedness and Response Directorate.

I will abbreviate the purpose of FEMA at this point. Their stated purpose is to "reduce the loss of life and property and protect the nation from all hazards".

As many people know FEMA failed miserably in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 primarily affecting New Orleans,LA. The 2006 Congressional Report on FEMA's handling of Katrina stated that it was "....a national failure, an abdication of the most solemn obligation to provide for the common welfare".

Some criticized FEMA's failure is due to focus on civil defense continuity of government and terrorism response to the detriment of its natural disaster response readiness. It is further thought that Hurricane Katrina was a "test run" of a continuity of government program, allowing FEMA to rehearse rounding up and relocating large numbers of people to detention camps, suspending constitutional rights and militarizing the region with the help of private military contractors (mercinaries). A private security company known as Black Water USA, was used in the aftermath of Katrina.

For some time now FEMA has been renovating and constructing new detention camps throughout the country. In January 2006 Haliburton subsidiary KBR announced that it had been awarded an indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contract to construct detention facilities for the department of Homeland Security worth a maximum of $385 million over 5 years.

Not much has been said about the detainment camps, but when official comments have been made it is said that the camps are for temporary detainment of illegal immigrants.

There has been questions about the purpose of these detention camps. And there has been pictures and video of these camps also. It is estimated that there are over 800 camps throughout the United States, in all regions. Some of these camps are fully staffed. Although most of them are empty as of now.

If and when the New World Order comes into existance or into full view of everybody these camps will now doubt be used for American Citizens. Or those they deem enemy combatants of the NWO.

You can see photos of some of these camps at this link www.infowars.com

Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Decline of Our Dollar

Over the past 10 years or so the European dollar known as the Euro-Dollar has become increasingly worth more than our dollar. It used to be that our dollar or US currency was more than theirs. But with the US debt now in the trillions with no way to recover it seems that the world over, more countries are turning away from wanting to use the dollar.

In fact last week at the meeting of the World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland billionaire currency trader George Soros warned that the dollar's reserve currency role was drawing to and end: "the current crisis is not only the bust that follows the housing boom, its basically the end of a 60-year period of continuing credit expansion based on the dollar as the reserve currency. Now the rest of the world is increasingly unwilling to accumulate dollars".

If the world becomes uninterested in using the dollar, the United States will be unable to finance its trade deficit or its budget deficit. With both of these out of balance, the dollar's decline will affect its exchange value and therefore will cause a sharp rise in prices of everything else.

As sure as I write this there is coming a time when there will be no more paper or coins. As the world moves toward the digital age, exchange will all be done through digital credit. Moreover it will ultimately be done through a microchip implant with RFID capability. But that is for another post at another time.

Soon with what our Government is (somewhat) secretly doing by the merging of Mexico, Canada, and the US, also known as the NAU or North American Union there is a movement to do away with our current currency and replace it with what is called the AMERO dollar. Its interesting to note here that you can see a World Government surely coming into view.

One of the Elite's (aka Illuminati) goals is to widen the gap between the "Have's" and the "Have-not's", the middle class is becoming a thing of the past. Their motto is "divide and conquer". Slowly but surely thats exactly whats happening. Will the One World Order come together in mine and your lifetimes? I don't know. But what I do know is that the speed with which things are changing has increased within just the last 20 years. Till next time.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Welcome To Whats Really Happening

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog. As the title of the blog suggests we will over time keep up with the latest and greatest things going on in our world today. Of course meaning those things that have to do with those that want to put us into a world government to control us and manipulate us to their will for their evil purposes.

In the coming months I will be keeping us up to date on important topics such as:

  • Agriculture and our food supply. How and why they are affecting these areas
  • Chemtrails, why our government are spraying our skies and the effects on us
  • Politics, and their controlling hands in it
  • Detention Camps, Where, what and who are they for, better pay close attention
  • Microchips, yes they are meant for you and me
  • Surveillance, so you think you have privacy still

These are just a few of the relavant topics that will be covered. There are many more facets to this New World Order movement that will be covered. Stay tuned it will get exciting I'm sure as time goes on.

Oh and don't despair, I won't leave you feeling that way. There will also be topics included on how we can get involved in slowing them down and possibly or hopefully put a stop to these Tyrants. Thats the beautiful thing about us humans, we're resilient and the more that know and catch on to whats going on the more we'll come up with ways to get in their way!!

Feel free to put this blog in your favorites and link to it too as their will also be relevant links to other sites included as well. Your comments or suggestions are always welcome too. See you again soon.