Quote from an Interview with staunch Jew and Zionist, Harold Wallace Rosenthal as recorded in a booklet called "The Hidden Tyranny" in 1978, by a concerned patriot, Walter White, Jr - Asked about men in high political office, Mr Rosenthal said "that no one in the last three decades has achieved any political power without Jewish approval. Americans have not had a presidential choice since 1932. Roosevelt was our man; every president since Roosevelt has been our man." Read the entire interview here
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Monday, April 21, 2008

Sucked in to the Lies of Terrorism

Its amazing that even our Law Enforcement agencies have gotten sucked in to believing these lies about terrorism. If we remember that in the Protocols, the Illuminati/Jesuits make reference to "them creating all the terror" or to quote from them "all terror comes from us!". Recently the office of Homeland Security enacted their "Operation Sudden Impact" program to supposedly catch terrorists here in America.

They did a sweep in the City of Memphis Tennessee to test it out. What did they find? Well all of the "terrorists" they caught were Americans with things like traffic misdemeanors, and a couple of outstanding warrants of people that failed to appear for traffic tickets and other minor like things. Memphis Sheriff Patrolman, Jason Kopacko, pulled over a driver who had displayed his
temporary tag upside down, and upon FI'ing the motorist found out the driver had no insurance and no license. Boy, thats a big terrorist catch huh!

Operation Sudden Impact united 53 state, local and federal law enforcement agencies in the effort. Shelby county Sheriff Mark Luttrell said "we have to be on constant alert at every level. At the rural, and the urban areas. Luttrell said that "agencies at every level need to communicate, because smaller crimes lead to bigger crimes".

What the hell has this got do with terror or terrorism? Truth.....absolutely not a damn thing! No what this is, is nothing more than practice if you will, on rounding up. Or getting ready for when Martial Law is imposed. And it also reeks of privacy invasion, surveillance, and unwarranted control. Here again you could also say thanks to the wonderful Patriot Act that our beloved President so graciously gave us......remember, to "protect us from "terrorists"! Please!

If we don't stand up now the time is fast approaching that we all will be labeled terrorists or enemy combatants. Even it sounds like if you just Jaywalked across the street. You are a terrorist. Sick isn't it!!

Clearly the terrorists are the Jesuit controlled Government of the United States. They are simply conditioning us for another major event that is getting ready to happen, that will give them right to call for Martial Law and fully enact their New World Order. Remember the quote that David Rockefeller made......."All we need is the right MAJOR CRISES and the nations will accept the New World Order".(emphasis mine)

We will not give up the fight for our sovereignty. We will hang on till the last breath. But of course the Illuminati are ready for this too. Thats why there are so many detention camps being built around the country right now. As far as I know there are about 800 of them as of now.
I think those detention camps should be for the real terrorists, the Jesuits, Illuminati, and all their cronies!!

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