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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wright Brothers Ingenuity used for Evil Purposes

I live in the town where probably the most brilliant minds of ingenuity are from. Minds like Charles Kettering, the inventor of the Electronic Ignition System. Every time you put your key into an ignition to start any type of vehicle you think of him. I'm speaking of the town of Dayton, Ohio USA. Our greatest claim to fame are, in my opinion, the greatest minds of ingenuity and the greatest contributors to the technology of the world, are none other than the Wright Brothers. Orville and Wilbur Wright. The inventors of Aviation. (as if I needed to say that)

I think the Wright Brothers would absolutely be blown aw
ay if they could see what their invention has inspired. On the other hand I think they would be thoroughly disgusted to know what their invention has been used for too. Spinning off of the Wright Brothers invention are many different types of aviation technologies. Specifically for this post I will concentrate on the spin off from their invention dealing with UAV's or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. And usually theres been only one purpose for UAV's and that is for surveillance.

Man has always had this fascination with being able to know or see what other people are doing at anytime without them knowing about it. Without technology we call it "peeping tom", stalking, or voyeurism. With high technology such as UAV's, cameras, RFID-dust, or any of the other myriads of technologies available today, having to do with surveillance, we point the finger where it should be and thats at the Globalists. Anyway you look at it, and anything you apply to it, its still the same thing.....a crime and a loss to our
right of privacy!

The Republic of Shrewd ExposureWith these UAV's over the years they have been getting smaller and smaller and more powerful in their flying range as well as their surveillance ability. When you think about it, what can be the purpose for all these different technologies? The Government says they use them for reconnaissance and surveillance of the enemy. Are there that many enemies? Ok, so for example when the "supposed" war in Iraq is over what do they do, just shove them in a warehouse somewhere and let them sit there and rot? I don't think so!

The RoboSwift Bird is a bio-inspired morphing-wing micro aerial vehicle which flies like a Swift. But unlike the real bird, RoboSwift will have a span of 50cm and weigh about 80 grams. With its 3 cameras, it will perform surveillance missions lasting up to 1 hour on vehicles and people on the ground. Its wings sweep back and forth making it more efficient than fixed wing aircraft.

The Republic of Shrewd ExposureThe Robotic Dragonfly another micro-surveillance tool. In an anti-war rally in Lafayette Square last year, a participant named Vanessa Alarcon said she heard some one say "oh my god, look at those" she said she looked up and said "what the hell is that?" "They looked kinda like Dragonflies or Helicopters. But I mean those are not insects." Another man in the crowd said he "has never seen anything like it before in his life." "They were large for Dragonflies. I thought is that mechanical or is it alive"? That is just one of the questions hanging over a handful of similar political events in Washington and New York.

The Plasma Micro Thruster is a Surveillance Flier with a State of the Art Jet-Propulsion System with no moving parts. This class of airplane can
The Republic of Shrewd Exposuremeasure anywhere from a foot to 6inches long. This new line of aircraft would be used mainly in surveillance of hostile areas.

As you can see surveillance capabilities are growing smaller and smarter. As we remember the Jesuit/Illuminati Government will be all about control. These types and for that matter all types of these technologies will be used in that capacity.

Truly incredible, the length that the Controllers will go, to make sure they know every little move we're making. These technologies will and are being usurped by the Globalists for only their evil purposes. How can anybody think that the New World Order will be anything good at all? Whoever could think that, is without question a FOOL!! At this I think the Wright Brothers would be appalled.

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