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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Its Your DNA, Its Your Property, and Privacy

With all the mention in the last decade about cloning and so on, this is worth a mention. I have read where the Illuminati's scientists have been experimenting with trying to clone a super human race. And with all the incredible technology that's available today such as nano-technology we can't put anything past them. I believe they want to create super human soldiers through cloning that will follow orders without conscience. To be used for any service they want. Just use your imagination.

The staple of this post is about an article I read that I thought was worth mention for sure. It is about DNA privacy. We know that the Illuminati will not stop at anything when it comes to control. When we think of the Verichip microchip and the different mind control ideas they are experimenting with, we cannot afford to overlook the possibility of DNA privacy where cloning is concerned. Particularly when it comes to you or your blood samples that are given, whether it be for charity donation or pre-surgery donation or whatever other means that you might give blood for. Even if its for a job!

This article that came to my attention about a bill that is supposedly in the Minnesota House and Senate right now. The article writer stated that "A prominent Health Organization has warned that there is on-going semi-covert movement by state and federal governments to claim ownership of every newborn baby's DNA for the purpose of genetic research without the consent of individual citizens." Because of the writer not stating who the Health Organization is, it leaves me with slight reason to doubt the validity of it. But on the other hand, knowing that the Illuminati will use any tactic in accomplishing their goals, I believe this is something worth bringing to our attention.

Most people don't know it or probably don't think about it but every blood donation or any other kind of donation from your body, which any donation from your body carries your DNA, is your PROPERTY! Do you know for example, that if you give blood for pre-surgery that you have a right to ask for that sample to be returned to you after the lab is finished with it? Furthermore you have a right to see what the hell was done with it too!! Yes to see the tests and results they performed on it also. But do people ever ask those things. Have you ever heard of anybody asking those things? No I haven't! The truth is it belongs to you......its yours right!

Now I know that, that all sounds pretty stupid. Who wants to ask for their sample back or to see their results? It sounds absurd for sure. But I'm telling you, that today, sad to say, we need to be vigilant in every way we can think of to hang on to our Sovereignty and Rights, and Freedoms. Lets not let our guard down. Because obviously the Idiot Illuminists will use any angle to accomplish their goals.

It has also been said in this article, that I personally believe has been going on for some time, that individuals DNA or blood samples are being sold to different Biotech Companies and to Police Databases. We must always keep in mind that with these Globalists its always about Control. In as many forms as they can have it too. So always stay vigilant where these idiots are concerned.

One other angle I will mention here concerning this is that if your children are to give blood or take any kind of vaccination shot or whatever bodily or health related at their school, by all means make sure you know about it and stay on top of the administrators as much as possible about anything related to these types of things. And try to be sure you see the "what and why" as to your child giving a DNA sample or donation. And if you smell a rat, stop them where your children are concerned. This post is to your diligent vigilance!

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