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Friday, April 4, 2008

Warning: This Will Piss You Off...

When you consider the rising gas prices, at the same time you can't help but wonder where all the money is going. Well the oil companies no doubt have profited, but who's profiting more? Back in 2006 Bush wanted to turn control of most of our major ports over to the UAE (United Arab Emirates). Thanks to the public outcry this was stopped. At least we think it was. I have read reports where it happened anyway. Not for sure on that one.

Take a look at the profits of the oil companies for the last few years. Its staggering to say the least.

Somebodies obviously getting rich somewhere. But this is probably what you'd expect. This isn't why I titled the post "This Will Piss You Off". Whats following is what should really piss you off. It is interesting to see these figures just to get an idea of where our money is going every time we buy gas for our cars. What I really wanted to focus on is who's really getting rich from the oil purchasing.

The United States currently gets most of its crude oil from foreign countries. In fact 70% of that crude is foreign purchased and imported. And the majority of the imported oil comes from Saudi Arabia. Where the Illuminati come into play I'll show toward the end of the post, but right now I want to show you some pictures of where our money is going and you will see who's getting the richest off of it. The pictures come from a city in Saudi Arabia. That city is Dubai. Here you will see the pictures of what our money is creating.

Dubai in 1990

Dubai in 2003 the same Street

The same Dubai street in 2007 (night shot)

Now I don't know about you, but to me it looks like our money is being banked over there in Dubai, Saudi Arabia. These pictures were extracted from another website called "Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis". An excellent site on the Global Economy and more. The Shrewd Exposure recommends it. You can go there and read his article and see more incredible Dubai pictures also.

When I looked at these pictures for the first time, I felt an empty feeling come over me. I took a look at the state of America verses whats going on over in what used to be called a "third world country". I felt as though the rolls were reversing. It looks like the Illuminati is shifting the wealth from us to them over there.

Lets see if we can see their hand in it. In an article at Buzz-Flash.com we see that DPW (Dubai Ports World) which is the exporting part of their government, uses a major carrier called CSX. We know that CSX is also a major carrier in trains here in the US. This same CSX was purchased by the Carlyle Group, which is a controlling arm of the Illuminati. The Carlyle Group fall into the categories with CFR, Trilateral Commission, Committee of 300, etc.. All outlets of control for the Globalists.

More information is needed as to the extent of their control here, but enough is known that it is obvious. This information really ticks me off. I don't know how it makes you feel but it should wake you up a little more. The next time you pull up and pump your gasoline remember where its all going and whats happening to America. We're getting poorer and their getting richer. America used to be the greatest country on earth and I still believe it is, but now I'm beginning to wonder.

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