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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Their Deep Threads of Influence

The influence of the Illuminati extends to most if not all institutions and corporations. We already know that the Illuminati and the Jesuits are basically one in their concerted efforts to bring about a world communist state. We know this by their founder Adam Weishaupt and his influence on both sides of that coin. And we know that when the Illuminati penned their plans for achieving world domination that education would be one of their primary areas of concentration. Refer to article "Their Protocol for World Domination" section "On Education" to see this protocol.

The Illuminati and the Jesuits control the education I believe primarily through their colleges and universities. Since the Jesuits are interwoven in the Roman Catholic religion, they do their dirty work under the cover of that religion. Much the same way that the Illuminati do theirs under the cover of the Freemasons. Of course we have their influence through the private Catholic Schools, elementary and high schools. And lets not think that their control is not also in the government run schools known as public schools in most cities and towns.

So a good question that may come to ones mind is how in the world can you avoid their influence of your children? Well, that's a good question, and what comes to mind is home schooling your kids, but even at that, they still have infiltrated the curriculum of a lot of what can be taught. The only other advice I can say would be to make sure your children get the truth and all the truth. Make sure they are taught about the Illuminati and the Jesuits and their dastardly history, and motives and so on. You could use this site in your curriculum. As well as many others on the net. Also I would say to teach them to be "independent thinkers". That way when they are old enough to go to college they'll have a good insight already. But be aware that our Illuminati controlled government, at all levels federal, state, and local, highly look down on and disapprove of home schooling our kids! You may have to fight them a little bit.

Now lets expose a little of the strength of the Illuminati/Jesuit influence in learning. I want to focus on the college level. Because at that level is where the individuals education will be what influences society and the world.

Its easy to see the strength of their influence when you take a look at what all they own and control. On a Jesuit owned website, they say that there are 90 Jesuit colleges in 27 countries. It states that in the United States there are 28 Jesuit colleges and universities. Although a search on Wikipedia reveals there are 30 in the US. They also say they have 430 Jesuit high schools in 55 countries. In the next couple of sentences taken from this particular website, note that you can see the talk of their influence. It states that: "In these schools the "Ignacian system" of values has attracted exceptionally competent faculty as well as highly qualified students. They form a Jesuit Network, not that they are administered in the same way, but that they pursue the "same goals" and their success is evident in their graduates, men and women of vast and varied talent. (emphasis mine)

Can the Society of Jesus do some good? Of course they can and they do! Just like the Freemasons do good things in their communities. First thing that comes to my mind when I think of masons doing good things is the "Shriner's". With their "Shriner's Hospital for Children". A good thing. But of course what most people fail to see is that the masons have a "fraternity within a fraternity". Where the Illuminati rule at. Even most masons fail to see this too! So it is with the Jesuits.

Beside the Jesuit's colleges, there is the Illuminati's little fraternities on some major college campuses which indoctrinate men into their way of thinking and beliefs. The one that comes to mind is at Yale university the "Skull and Bones" fraternity. Of which our present President and most of his administration or cabinet are members. You can see through history that the Controllers usually will put in positions of power, whether it be government or owners of big corporations and big media, the graduates from the Skull and bones frat. or usually most always from a Jesuit owned and controlled college. Do some research on what colleges most of our Presidents came from. Its an interesting thing to see.

Below is a list of Jesuit owned and controlled colleges and universities. As well as other details of each one.

University Common short form and abbreviation Location Enrollment Athletics nickname School Colors Founded
Boston College Boston College
Boston, Massachusetts 14,395 Eagles maroon, gold 1863
Canisius College Canisius Buffalo, New York 5,018 Golden Griffins blue, gold 1870
College of the Holy Cross Holy Cross Worcester, Massachusetts 2,817 Crusaders purple 1843
Creighton University Creighton Omaha, Nebraska 6,992 Bluejays white, blue 1878
University of Detroit Mercy Detroit Mercy
Detroit, Michigan 5,600 Titans Red, White, Blue 1877
Fairfield University Fairfield Fairfield, Connecticut 4,600 Stags cardinal red 1942
Fordham University Fordham New York, New York 16,009 Rams maroon, white 1841
Georgetown University Georgetown Washington, D.C. 14,148 Hoyas blue, grey 1789
Gonzaga University Gonzaga Spokane, Washington 6,503 Bulldogs (Unofficial: Zags) Blue, White 1887
Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley (associate member) J.S.T.B. Berkeley, California 194

John Carroll University John Carroll
Cleveland, Ohio 4,050 Blue Streaks blue, gold 1886
Le Moyne College Le Moyne Syracuse, New York 2,290 Dolphins Green, Gold 1946
Loyola College in Maryland Loyola-Maryland
Baltimore, Maryland 6,131 Greyhounds green, grey 1852
Loyola Marymount University Loyola Marymount
Los Angeles, California 8,972 Lions
Loyola University Loyola-Chicago Chicago, Illinois 15,545 Ramblers black, gold, maroon 1870
Loyola University New Orleans Loyola-New Orleans New Orleans, Louisiana 5,000 Wolfpack maroon, gold 1912
Marquette University Marquette Milwaukee, Wisconsin 11,305 Golden Eagles navy blue, gold 1881
Regis University Regis Denver, Colorado 16,000 Rangers blue, gold 1877
Rockhurst University Rockhurst [[Kansas City, Missouri 3,000 Hawks royal blue, white 1910
Saint Joseph's University Saint Joseph's
Saint Joe's
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 7,542 Hawks crimson, grey 1851
Saint Louis University S.L.U. Saint Louis, Missouri 11,823 Billikens blue, white 1818
Saint Peter's College
Jersey City, New Jersey 3,700 Peacocks blue, white 1872
University of San Francisco San Francisco
San Francisco, California 8,477 Dons green, gold 1855
Santa Clara University
Santa Clara, California 8,377 Broncos red, white 1851
University of Scranton Scranton Scranton, Pennsylvania 5,160 Royals purple, white 1888
Seattle University
Seattle, Washington 6,123 Redhawks red, black 1891
Spring Hill College Spring Hill
The Hill
Mobile, Alabama 1,500 Badgers purple, white 1830
Weston Jesuit School of Theology (associate member)
Cambridge, Massachusetts 191

Wheeling Jesuit University
Wheeling, West Virginia 1,200 Cardinals red, black, gold 1954
Xavier University Xavier
Cincinnati, Ohio 6,500 Musketeers blue, white 1831

This list is taken from Wikipedia and can be researched from here.

The deep threads of the Jesuit/Illuminati influence reaches wide and far and its vast in scope. It almost seems hopeless that we can stop them from bringing about their World Domination doesn't it? Well take heart, cause the more that know, the less power they have. So if you can see, and know about them, then join the fight, and help expose them to the light to those that don't.

Till next time.........

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Aaron said...

Look...I've made it about as far as you can go in Freemasonry and...well...dude...the real hardcore Catholics hate us. We could care less...Catholocism is fine by us.

But your a bit out there.

Kev said...

Thank you for your comment. You said that you've gone as far as you can go in Masonry. So that would mean that your a 32nd degree. I believe 33rd degree is Honorary. Never the less let me say that I admire your dedication. I know it takes a lot of study and memorization and commitment to do that. However, my question to you is "do you know that you (unless your in the inner circle)are being deliberately lied to"? Your own "most famous member and author" states this in his own writings. Please have a look at my article "A Cool Club or Cool Deception" to see this.
I may not be as far out there as you think. Thanks again for your comment! Kev