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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jesse Ventura: For Real or Shill: Update December 2010

For the post today I wanted to give an update on the Jesse Ventura show Conspiracy Theory.  As most of you know in my previous article Jesse Ventura: For Real or For Shill, Time will tell.....written back in January this year, I wrote about my concerns with the show.  Also if you have been following his show you know that it was canceled back in late February I believe.  Then re-instated again in late October.

One of my concerns in the January edition of the show was, will they let him tell the truth as far as pointing the finger where it should be with respect to the true controllers.....Zionists.  Here is an excerpt from the previous article.....on why I think his show is heavily edited. 
"If you take some time to check on the television network called TruTV (which used to be Court TV) you find out it is owned by Turner Broadcasting Company.  Which is a subsidiary of the Time Warner Company.
Time Warner's Chairman and CEO is Gerald Levin an Ashkanazi Jew (Zionist Jew)."
So with Jesse Ventura being heavily controlled I believe the question is, will he be able to tell in his show who the real perpetrators are?  I don't think so.  Recently one of his shows about the FEMA Concentration Camps that have been built around the country of the US, was canceled and not allowed to be aired.  There was never any mainstream media coverage as to why, course thats understandable.  The only one to say anything about it being canceled was one of his confidants Alex Jones.

It has long been known among us researchers that A.J. is a shill for them. In fact his wife has been found to be a Jew.  A. J. gets vehemently adamant when anybody questions him about the Jews being involved in the World Government movement.  Wonder why that is?  Yes I have many concerns about the validity of Jesse's show still today after the long layoff from February to today.

Although I've been a believer that you don't throw the baby out with the bath water......Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura have many good things to say.  Everything they talk about is true!!  All that they show is true!!  They just won't mention the bottom line.  Therein lies my concern.  Jesse Ventura For Real or For Shill?  Time will continue to tell the story.  Jesse has touched on many Zionist people in his show.  Such as those at Goldman Sachs, the Rothchilds have been mentioned.  But the Jews have been overall left alone on the show.  

Too bad Jesse can't have his own Network for his show.  Maybe things would be different then with no censure-ship.  One other thing I find interesting is the narrator on his show is the same person that does the narration for the show Most Shocking videos among others on TRU tv.  Yes there are many things on Jesse's show that don't feel right as far as real truth-telling goes.  
I don't want to sound conceited, but I have many more years of research and knowledge than he does on the subject.  Including Alex Jones.  There isn't anything I learn thats new from Jesse's or A.J.'s programs or sites. Because of this I can see the things that should be told that are not being told and that is pinning the tail on the right Jackasses so to speak...lol.  When I see Jesse do a show on Zionism or the Zionist Jews and they're part in the bringing about the New World Order, then and only then will my doubts and concerns about him being a real truth-teller be satisfied.
So is Jesse Ventura for real?  As before in my previous article it remains the same......Time will tell the truth about him!  I will continue the updates about his show as time goes on.  Stay tuned right here to the Republic of Shrewd Exposure.

Till next time......................................

No neither Jesse or A.J. or the Zionists can hide anything from us.....................Its what we do here!

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