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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ron Paul: In the Light or In the Darkness?

For the longest time I have been a Ron Paul fan.  Standing behind everything he says.  Particularly when he brought out the bill here a year ago I think it was called HR 1207, about auditing the Fed.  Unfortunately that bill was defeated. Hmmmm.....wonder why that happened?  Anyway, I like how Ron Paul has all the same ideas and thoughts on how to gain back control of our government.  Congressman Ron Paul will stand in the light and make bold claims for reform.  I like that.  Until today!  

A long time now I have had suspicions only because I saw an article a while back about Ron Paul possibly being a Freemason.  It is well known that the Zionists hide behind their secret society's networks to keep themselves covered in the darkness.  Today I received some information from a friend that throws a serious rod through my spokes where Ron Paul is concerned.  I want to share that with you in today's post.  Of course you should decide for yourself whether Ron Paul is standing in the light to do the work of darkness or not.  Consider now the evidence.....

It is no secret, that the Freemasons have there supposedly secret hand gestures and handshakes.  Anybody who has done research on them knows this. Or anybody who has been a member and gotten out know also.  It is a way for them to communicate in a crowd to one another.  So as to say "I'm with you brothers in our endeaver".  "While I make the sheep believe I am for them."  First up is a video, available on Youtube.com.

Most people wouldn't pay attention to the handshakes or gestures.  But these people are satanists and these things have meaning to them.  It has to do with their brotherhood and the "stick togetherness" of their clan for their goal and the goal of the Zionists.....New World Order.  

The other evidence comes from pictures that some are in the video and some not.  Have a look.

Congressman Ron Paul giving the horned sign of the devil.

Again arriving from a limousine the horned sign of the devil!

Here a clear unmistakable Masonic Handshake!

This pretty well confirms my suspicions from a while ago.  At the very least it confirms his being a mason. Its like putting 2 and 2 together.  If he's a mason then he's with the Zionists in their work for a One World Order. Posing to be on our side while playing the other side of the card.  The Zionists will play both sides of the card to throw the public off to what their doing.  They have infiltrated "the Peoples" side.

Kinda sucks to me because I wanted to believe that we had somebody on our side in government.  Maybe thats why I'm just now finding out myself....cause I didn't want to believe.  But its hard to deny it now.  And I know there are many others out there just like me.....And I know also that the truth hurts!  But thats what we do here at the Republic of Shrewd Exposure.....we bring up the bottom line.  We bring the darkness to the light!

Till next time..............................................

No we won't let them hide here.....we get them out in the light........It's what we do here!

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the pilgrim soul in me said...

This is no surprise. I have probably heard some of the same information you have casting Ron Paul in a doubtful light. You are just providing the proof. Thanks.