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Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Primary Illuminati Strategy Exposed

There are many strategies that the Illuminati use today to work toward bringing about their World Government. The one that seems to stand out the most in all my years of following and learning about them is the primary one. The one that is intertwined through all their strategies. And that is Population Reduction. You can see it through the centuries in all their plans and movements.

You see it in all the wars that they created where millions and millions have died. You've seen it in the Hitler Regime that they setup. You've seen it on September 11, 2001. You see it all over the place! And you see it in the reverse sense too, such as Planned Parenthood. Yes, David Rockefeller created and funded Planned Parenthood and helped create the "Pill". In fact he owns the rights to the IUD and RU-486 contraceptives. Also the evil idea they made lawful of "abortion". And he also helped the promotion of homosexuality in the world. Why? Because when 2 males are together they cannot procreate. Likewise with females. It helps keep the population under control.

The Illuminati have it going on both coming and going. But the one area I want to touch on today is the strategy that affects each and every one of us right now......the poisoning of our food and water. Let me start by saying it is learned that the Illuminati's goal is to reduce the population of the world by 4 billion people by the year 2050. It is obviously already learned and known that they don't care how they get it done, which is by any means or the best means. Or dare I say "many means".

Most people I think are aware of the many different types of chemicals that are in our food and water too. I will name a few of the chemicals in this post but I won't go in to detail as to how they affect our body. Except for one, the one I believe to be the most dangerous of all and can be readily avoided. Again my goal is to bring to light the highlights and entice you to research on your own for the nitty gritty details. Known harmful chemicals in our "processed foods" today are: Chlorine, Fluoride, Benzene, Nitrites, Nitrates, Ethorbates, MSG (Monosodium Glutamate), to name a few. Not to mention heavy metals in our drinking water (city water) such as lead, aluminum, copper, etc.

The one that I want to focus on that I can help you to immediately avoid is Benzene. Benzene is a"known carcinogen" (i.e. cancer causing!). This chemical is deliberately put in to most processed foods and drinks. Its disguised and labeled as a "preservative". No, its for sure not preserving you! In fact I personally don't believe its preserving the product its in either. Now if you read the product labels (which you should be doing), you won't see the word "Benzene" on the ingredients label. They have to disguise it because most people know what it is. Ok, so how do they disguise it? They mix it with "sodium" or "potassium", which these two chemicals are good for the body. So here is how you will see it, it will be either "Sodium "Benzoate" or "Potassium "Benzoate"! I say avoid this!!

40 years ago our food was fresher off the land and good. I'll be 50 this year and I remember over the last couple of decades saying to myself "why are they putting so many chemicals in food now"? Our food and water has gone from fresh and natural to absolutely polluted basically. Well the answer is simple to me now. There is a hidden cabal, hidden hand, of elite, powerful, wealthy, stricken, sickened in the mind idiots that call themselves "Moriah the Conquering Wind" (another of their names), that want to take out two thirds of the worlds population cause they sickeningly think that their going to have all the natural resources to themselves, and everybody else be under their oppressive evil control.

So what? Should we let'em have it so easy? You've heard the Real Estate salesman's language before haven't you? It goes like this...location, location, location. Well heres one for you where the Illuminati is concerned....learn, learn, learn and then expose, expose, expose to those that don't know or understand, all the while they see things happening and wonder why. Then when they learn and understand that becomes more power for our army against the idiots (Illuminati).

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