Quote from an Interview with staunch Jew and Zionist, Harold Wallace Rosenthal as recorded in a booklet called "The Hidden Tyranny" in 1978, by a concerned patriot, Walter White, Jr - Asked about men in high political office, Mr Rosenthal said "that no one in the last three decades has achieved any political power without Jewish approval. Americans have not had a presidential choice since 1932. Roosevelt was our man; every president since Roosevelt has been our man." Read the entire interview here
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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Part 7: The Last in the Series of Shrewdly Exposing the Illuminati

The blame will forever be laid to Adam Weishaupt and his followers, who were responsible for the French Revolution, the American Civil War, World War I, the Russian Revolution, the rise of Adolf Hitler to power in Germany, World War II, the Communist takeover in China, and many other nations after World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the list goes on and on. And yes including the one going on now, Iraq.

It is noteworthy that the Jesuit Order is busy in all areas of the Roman Catholic church , and that they have developed an elaborate educational system. Most people who have attended Jesuit schools do not know the dark secrets of the Order, since they are today forced to operate on a more benign scale. But that the Jesuits have not changed can be seen in the atrocities they had part in during World War II, in what was known then as Yugoslavia. When the time for the rise of their New World Leader (Anti-Christ) comes, expect to see the Jesuits with their leader, "the Black Pope", (the Jesuit General) take control of the people and set up the use of the concentration camps again. Again its interesting that there are over 800 of these camps right now in the United States, some of them fully staffed, most all of them with railroad tracks along side of them.

Now lets look at how the Illuminati has gained some of its power through this history.

Centuries earlier, the foundation for a World Government organization had been laid when Free Masonic lodges were formed in Europe, Russia and the North American colonies. With these in place, Weishaupt moved very swiftly, and in 1775 Adam Weishaupt (now a professor of law) became a member in the Theodore Lodge in Munich, which was part of the Ekletical Masonry.

The Illuminati Order is organized very similarly to the Jesuit Order, since Weishaupt was educated by the Jesuits and was 20 years old in 1768 when the slave camps in Paraguay were closed. The Jesuits have four degrees, the Illuminati has three. The lowest degree consists of initiates, which were classified as the least illuminated. The second degree is made for Freemasons, including the Scottish Knights.

The third degree is called the "degree of Mystery" and is reserved for priests, royal rulers and magicians. The supreme ruler in the Jesuit Order is called "General", in the Illuminati he is called "King". Adam Weishaupt became the first Illuminati King. In conjunction with these degrees, Weishaupt also founded a secret service which had members who infiltrated all degrees.

They were called "Stealth Brothers", and their job was to inform if there was any disloyalty. They used blackmail, provocation and terror. All members of the Illuminati Order had sworn a death oath to eternal silence, total loyalty and subjection to the Order. Any member who would betray the Order was promised a swift death. The Order does not joke; many have been murdered trying to leave the Order and expose it.

As you can see the Illuminati is not a good or "for our benefit" organization. It is evil and ruthless! Their movement toward this World Government today shows no promise of utopia or any pursuit of happiness. Although they would have you believe that way or think that way. Such as the way our candidates make all those promises to make "America and the World a better place" to live, and then when they get into office they don't do anything that they promise. Seems its been that way all my life with all of the Presidents I've been through. And of course I know now that the Presidents of this country are not the ones running this country.

This is the end of this series in the history of exposing the Illuminati. Hopefully this will enlighten many who read it and give them a passion for wanting to know the real truth as to whats going on in this world. If the reader doubts anything in this series he should do his own research and come to an intelligent conclusion.

Till next time......