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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Swine Flu Vaccination: Don't Do It!

It has long been known that the Zionists want to de-populate the earth by 2/3rds any way they can.  After all they believe that God gave this world to them and they are the only ones who have any right to it.  How sick is that?

Just last week our wonderful new President Obama declared a National Emergency due to the Swine Flu epidemic.  To any of you that know our past worthless President Bush signed into act the "Patriot Act 2".  Giving the President sweeping powers to declare Martial Law over every aspect of the nation including you and me.  

I'd say pay close attention to increasing propaganda that will be on the Zionist controlled medias....ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX..etc.  

Whether or not the Swine Flu was a laboratory created disease or not, which I believe it was just like the Aids virus, is a post for another time. Just keep your eyes open to the mandatory vaccinations that may be imposed in all of the states.  

I know that already in Massachusetts, Oklahoma and North Carolina there have been bills passed that make the Swine Flu vaccination mandatory.  I say its mandatory that you don't do it!  Under any circumstances do not take it.

The swine flu vaccination program, which was initially intended to be a “mass” inoculation covering the entire population, has been rejected by a majority of Americans who harbor deep suspicions about dangerous additives contained in the vaccine such as mercury and squalene.     

Consider the below video of a 60 Minutes Show recorded back in 1976 the last time there was a fake propagandized Swine Flu outbreak.  Morley Safer interviews about a woman who had perfect health and decided to take the vaccination.  She talks about what happened to her.  

Please be sure to watch both parts 1 and 2.

Its very interesting to note that this interview was only seen once on the Zionist media outlets.  Then it was buried.  Thanks to somebody for finding it and uploading it to Youtube!  

Pass this around: Lets refuse any attempt to force a deadly vaccination on us or our families.

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