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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Exchanging Food For Fuel Is It Good

Today there is a lot of hype about the new flex-fuel mixture cars. Lots of advertisement by the major auto-makers. After all it seems good if you can switch from gasoline to fuel your car to ethanol based fuel that your at least saving the atmosphere from those harmful greenhouse gases.

Well it all looks good but is it really. In this post we'll take a short look at the reality.

According to researchers America 20mbpd of gasoline. Thats 20 million barrels per day. We won't go into the consumption of any of the other countries. Right now crude oil prices per barrel seem to be hovering around $80 - $90 per barrel. President Bush's plan to push for a switch to ethanol based fuel is called the 20 in 10 program. Thats cutting gas use by 20% by 2010. His reason is to reduce dependence on foreign oil.

That means taking most of the land that is farmed for food corn to using it for ethanol based corn. Now ethanol can be made from soybeans and many other grains but corn being the primary source. Thus using ethanol based fuels will lead to higher food prices. Which we're already seeing. So think about that the next time you pour that bowl of corn flakes for your breakfast.

The question is "is it a good thing"? I don't think so when you think now we're competing with our own automobiles against the food we need to survive. Which do we choose.

The controllers want to be able to not only control fuel but also get control over our food sources. You can find out more on this subject in this article at this address http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=6407. It looks like there are more negatives to this scenario than positives. Its just one more area where we get taken advantage of in the cause for their World Government.

The idea of food prices going up because of the need to fuel our cars doesn't sound like anything good. Till next time......